Throughout the world KETTLER is a leading brand in patio furniture, fitness equipment, table tennis, foosball and children's toys. In 1949, a young Heinz Kettler started a small enterprise in his hometown of Ense-Parsit, Germany. Since that time, KETTLER has grown from a small German factory into a group of companies selling KETTLER products internationally.

Kettler HQ

What do all these products have in common? KETTLER products are designed to support the long-term health and well-being of our customers, young and old alike, leading our brand to be recognized for its quality, style and durability. The most important part of our success is our customers who have supported us for over 70 years. Thank you!

In 2021 KETTLER USA celebrated its 40th year in the United States. KETTLER continues to build relationships with customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

Kettler US warehouse