• This entry was posted in Toys on October 07, 2016

  • Whether your child is 3 years old or 13, chances are a majority of their time is spent in front of a computer, television or gaming screen. Providing other outlets and activities is vital for their development. Try these fun activities to get your kids active and to put down the technology.

    Sports & Outdoor Activities

    Have a supply of different types of balls, rackets, bats, and gloves. For older kids encourage getting involved and playing sports with neighborhood friends or through local leagues. Even if it is just 30 minutes of riding a bike or swinging at the park, exercise and fresh air is an important part of the day.

    Science Projects

    During the winter months when the weather may not always permit outside play, provide educational and creative alternatives.  3D models, erupting volcanoes, magnets, and nature discovery kits are all inspiring and scholastic activities children will enjoy.

    Arts & Crafts

    Drawing and craft materials are simple and provide endless possibilities. You’ll be amazed at what kids can create with a few basic crafting supplies.


    Challenge kids to mentally stimulating games and activities, for example playing cards, marbles, board games, building blocks and puzzles.

    Children’s Books

    Start a library of books for your kids, focused on all subjects and aimed for their age level. Check out Kettler’s list of Top 10 Children’s Books.

    Family Field Trips

    Go on outings together. Get involved with local volunteer projects or camps. Visiting parks, museums, mini-golf, the beach, amusement parks, zoos and aquariums is a great way to bond and have an adventure as a family.

    Here are a few additional tips to limit your children’s technology time:

    Set an example. Your children’s behavior is molded after yours, so put down the cellphone and close the laptop. Encourage healthy behaviors and activates while setting a boundary on the unhealthy ones. Set limited TV and gaming times, for an example one television show in the morning and one after school.

    Keep TVs in the living room. Bedrooms should be a place for rest and quite play. Don’t let children have a TV in their bedroom. Keep it in a family room where you can enjoy a show together and closer monitor their viewing time.

    Pay attention to any behavioral changes. After too much television or gaming time children tend to get irritable, aggressive, and impatient. Be on the lookout for these signs and know when to suggest other activity.

    Park the electronics. Have a designated spot to put electronics and cellphones when it’s time for bed.

    Cherish family time. Car rides and family meals are where some of the best family memories and conversations are had. Get involved and don’t take away from valuable family time by leaving the TV on in the background.

    As a rule of thumb: No TV for kids under 2 years of age, and one to two hours max per day for all other children.