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  • Things to do to help stop coronavirus

    1. HANDS .. wash them regularly!
    2. ELBOWS .. cough here!
    3. FACE .. DON'T TOUCH!! .. until you wash!
    4. SPACE .. practice spacial distancing!
    5. STAY HOME .. if you can ...

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  • Advantages of mobile shopping (mobile e-commerce)

    1. Convenience at hand
    Where’s your cell phone? It’s likely within arms reach and that’s the case for the majority of smartphone users. 
    Even if you’re only planning to quickly look something up, you know how often random searching leads to a purchase. 

    That’s one of the biggest reasons that mobile commerce is growing at such an astronomical rate: 
    It is incredibly convenient to purchase things on something you already carry with you all the time. 

    The easier it is for a buyer to purchase an item, the more likely they are to do it. 
    A buyer that sees something in their online store that they can purchase right that minute without having to change devices is much more likely to make a purchase. 
    Convenience is key, even to the point where customers will often pay more or buy a lesser item than what they wanted if the process of buying it is simpler than the alternative.

    2. A new buying platform
    An increasing number of shoppers, particularly younger shoppers, use mobile commerce all the time and a lot don’t even have a desktop computer. 
    A mobile friendly environment enables quick and friendly access for this new demographic. 
    Similarly, existing customers are purchasing more simply because it is easier for them to do so on the go. 

    3. Immediate gratification
    We all fallen prey to the impulse online purchase. 
    That spontaneous thing we purchased in the moment that we never would have purchased if we were window shopping. 
    But while the impulse buy may be the achilles heal of buyers, mobile e-commerce is designed to encourage it. 
    A mobile shopper is more likely to buy the first item they see something instead of spending more time considering or doing comparison shopping. 

    It all comes down to the time buyers have to think the purchase over. 
    I saw my coworker browsing your online site. I went home, loaded your site on my laptop, and located my credit card...
    It gave me enough time to think about the purchase, and my interest was lost to the point where I did not want to make the purchase at all.

    However, if I had to option to purchase it the minute I first saw it and could use my phone, I'd be excited and made the purchase.

    4. Competitive advantage
    Just as you have been dragging your feet about purchasing via your mobile, not everyone has their e-commerce business platform ready yet. 
    Of the ones that do, many only barely works, with clunky shopping experiences, buggy browsing and busted checkout. 
    Of all the online stores offering mobile shopping, only a few are doing it well, and those are drawing in the majority of the profits.

    If a site is not only mobile ready, but works and works well, there is a significant competitive advantage. 
    There may be a dozen other online stores with the item, but the competition narrows considerably if you’re the only one with seamless mobile checkout. 
    Mobile is a new e-commerce wilderness, one where conmpanies can distinguish themselves now before it gets as crowded as the regular web.

    What are you waiting for?

    Mobile shopping may seem like chasing a current trend but, in reality, it is simply a sensible step in helping you, the buyer. 

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  • Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, is the kick-off of the holiday shopping season where dedicated shoppers go out in search of the best deals and the biggest savings. Most all stores offer some kind of special sale for this unofficial holiday, major retailers open extra early and have their lowest prices and biggest promotional sales of the year. Being prepared with your shopping list and an idea of the stores you want to visit is the key to a successful day of shopping. If you plan on braving the crowds to get a head start on your Holiday wish lists here are a few tips for finding the best deals this Black Friday:

    - Plan your shopping trip ahead of time. Do some comparison-shopping the day before to decide what items you want to be on the lookout for and where to go to get the best value.

    - Print or cut out ads. Check the shelf price against the advertised price at the register to ensure you’re getting the deal you want.

    - Know the “early-bird” specials (sometimes called door-busters). These are the deals that have customers waiting in lines before the store even opens. Get there early to take advantage of these incredibly low prices.

    - Be familiar with store polices. Check the retailer’s website or ask a cashier for information on refunds, returns, cancellations and layaways.

    - If possible shop using a single credit card; this makes it safer and easier. Also be sure to get gift-receipts for all your purchases and keep them in a safe place in case you need to refer to them later.  

    - Divide and conquer. Getting together with friends and family saves time and ensure you get to all the deals by splitting up your shopping list between a few people.

    - Shopping can be exhausting often starting in the early hours of the morning and lasting a few hours. Bring a light snack and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.

    - If you are doing your Black Friday shopping online make sure you have a secure internet connection and purchase only from sellers you know are trustworthy.

    With planning and a bit of luck you can knock-out a good portion of your holiday shopping list while saving money this Black Friday. Have fun and be safe this holiday shopping season! 

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  • With cold weather comes a chance for families to spend more time together. There are fewer scheduled extracurricular activities to pull you in different directions. Once you're at home together, though, what can you do that's fun and engaging? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends at least 60 minutes of moderate or more vigorous play every day. That's not just for the summertime; it's for every day. We've come up with 5 cold-weather family activities to make your family time count. You can also slip in some exercise and some fun. While staying indoors can sometimes be more comfortable, the occasional outdoor jaunt is also a great way to spend a few hours together on a crisp fall day.



    If you're looking for something different that's always available and ready to play, try foosball. This table-top version of soccer has been around since the late 1800s, but didn't gain popularity in the U.S. until shortly after World War II. Two to four players work the man rods on either side of the table to move the ball towards their opponents' goal.


    Family Bike Ride

    As long as you're dressed for the weather and the paths are clear of rain and snow, a bike ride is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the autumn scenery. Check the air in the tires on the bikes, and cruise to the park or check out bike trails in your community. Afterwards, you can go home and warm up with some hot apple cider or hot chocolate.


    Outdoor Play

    A study conducted through the Seattle Children's Research Institute learned that more than half of all preschool-age kids don't go outside and play under parent supervision. You can change that statistic. Take advantage of the sunshine, and go for a walk with your children. Let them use their ride-on toys and tricycles, or help them pull a wagon and collect some outdoor treasures. If you time it right, you can all work up an appetite, then stroll home just in time for a hot lunch.  


    Table Tennis

    Getting the family together for a little competition is a great way to spend a cold-weather day. Table tennis can be played by up to four people, and you can always appoint a fifth family member as the scorekeeper. It's a good way to get exercise, whether it's with an indoor or outdoor table tennis table.


    Something for Teens

    It's sometimes hard to get teens out from in front of the TV or computer. Teach them the fun of fitness with a workout together on exercise equipment. Treadmills and stationary bikes are good starters for teens, especially those involved in sports. It's an activity that you can do together no matter what the weather is like outside.


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  • The lifestyle habits learned and developed during childhood often become lifelong habits. This is why instilling healthy habits and safe behavior for your little ones from an early age is so important. The sooner you begin reminding them of what is healthy and safe in their everyday routine, they will naturally recognize right from wrong, safe from unsafe, and healthy from unhealthy. You teach them these lessons and trust them to make the right choices when playing with friends and when they are at school.

    Staying Healthy

    - Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss at least once.

    - Make healthy food choices. Have a fruit or vegetable with every meal and choose healthy snack options.

    - Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after every meal, after using the restroom, after recess, and more often when you are sick or getting a cold.

    - Drink plenty of liquids. Stay hydrated with water throughout the day especially when playing.

    - Get active. At least 30 minutes of exercise and fresh air every day.

    Playing Safe

    - Look both ways before crossing the street, or crossing in front of a driveway.

    - Use all playground equipment as it was meant to be played on. No going up the slides or standing on the swings.

    When riding a bike always wear safety gear and a properly fitted helmet.

     -Wear sneakers for recess and outdoor playtime.

    - Dress appropriately for the playground. Remove necklaces, purses, scarves or clothing with drawstrings that can get caught on equipment and pose a strangulation hazard.

    - No pushing, crowding or shoving.

    - Limit the time playing video games and watching TV each day.

    Elementary age children are at an extremely important age mentally, emotionally and physically. Giving them these helpful reminders will ensure they are learning and growing into smart and healthy adolescents.