Dominate the slopes with a KETTLER snow sled. Built to last for a lifetime of winter fun, our sleds will blast past the others leaving a spray of snow in its wake. From classic stlye sleds, race sleds and saucers these sleds are a fun, timeless way to enjoy the snowy weather.From robust construction and sleek designs our sleds are fast, safe and brings tons of fun and joy while being used on the snow.

  • Unique hi-tech sled made of high quality, cold and fade resistant resin materials
  • Specifically designed for handicap and elderly people using a purposefully racy design
  • Tubular railing and push handle system with stable side protection
  • Taller back support with adjustable head support and rear push system
  • 3 adjustable belts for the feet, waist and upper torso
  • 2 independently functioning metal brakes with steering and braking effects for ideal navigation
  • Removable rear running platform
  • Can be operated and guided by person on rear running platform
  • Anti-slip, comfortable seat and integrated foot rest for excellent safety
  • Comfortable, responsive seat suspension
  • Made of durable high density polyethylene
  • Stainless steel runner blades
  • Metal brake system
  • Shock-absorbing suspension ski steering system for a smooth ride
  • Front steering with a thick, easy-to-grip steering wheel
  • Integrated pull strap
  • High Impact blow molded resin body
  • Convenient tow handle for easy transporting
  • Stainless steel runners
  • No assembly required
  • Made in Germany
  • Sophisticated steering and runner system for pure sledding fun for all experience levels
  • Metal brakes with clamps for exceptional braking
  • Excellent design properties for all types of snow sledding
  • Convenient tow handle for easy transporting
  • Ergonomically shaped shell body and footrests
  • Made of high-quality, cold and fade resistant resin material
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